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Our History

The history of Sapone di un Tempo started from the passion of its owner, Michele Danieli, for soap and craftmanship, the handmade: even today, in our laboratories, soaps are cut and packaged by hand.

Fascinated by the artisan method of soap making, Michele decides to take over the soap factory where he works, combining the excellence of the centuries-old tradition of master soap artisans with the most modern technologies for the production of cosmetics.


The initial B2B activity focused on the production of natural solid soap, both under “Sapone Di un Tempo” brand and for private labels; soon after extended to beauty and baby care, essential oils and to the newborn solid cosmetics.

Certain that the future of cosmetics is green and sustainable, Michele decides to expand and equip the laboratory for producing eco-friendly and organic cosmetics: thus the first Sapone di un Tempo skincare lines are born, which speak Organic language from birth!


The company has therefore developed a very deep knowledge regarding ingredients, active substances and every single present in organic cosmetics.

While celebrating craftsmanship, over the years the Company has been able to renew and expand, with an eye to the future and with particular attention to environmental sustainability, to the green side of chemistry and research, aimed at making quality products, ethical and performing at the same time.

When Made in Italy
Craftmanship meets Innovation

Made In Italy Cosmetics

Sapone di un tempo is located in the Marche region, in Pesaro, a particularly green and flourishing territory, on a hilly area overlooking the sea; a conformation that allows a wide variety of crops, supported by a mild climate all year round.


The territory is an excellence for natural, organic and zero-kilometer raw materials.

Natural soap and certified organic soap: Sapone di un Tempo method

Sapone di un Tempo natural and organic soap is cold produced and manufactured according to the centuries-old tradition of artisan soap making.

This saponification process, which takes place at a very low temperature, keeps the active substances of the ingredients unaltered and makes the soap soft and elastic. In addition, the foam it releases, gently cleanses in a natural way.

The craftmanship is slow and accurate: the saponification process begins in the mixer and continues for several days in open wooden boxes. The cutting of the final block, formed inside the box, is still done by hand, as are all the other operations.

The basic ingredients are plant-based and no animal fats or industrial grease are used.  

A modern production plant

The entire production area has been set up according to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMO ISO 22716): this allows us to guarantee high quality standards both in terms of the finished product and the performance of the production processes.

Our cosmetics are produced with the latest machinery and equipment by qualified and specialized staff.

The semi-finished product is then sent to the respective packaging lines (detergents, oils, emulsions, solid soaps) where it is dosed into bottles/vases of different types and volumes, capped and labeled in a safe and efficient automatic way; or cut into different weights and boxed.


The importance of organic cosmetics today

Sapone di un Tempo daily strives to make innovation and sustainability not only abstract concepts but the present and the future to tend to.

A company that deals with Natural and Organic Cosmetics must in fact become an active and integral part of the virtuous production world that respects the natural cycles of the environment.

Purchasing an organic cosmetic: what does it mean?

Sapone di un Tempo has therefore certified both its production laboratories and its cosmetic products with various Organic Control Bodies (Suolo e Salute, AIAB and COMSOS among others): this guarantees not only that products are real Natural and Organic quality, but that the entire production chain follows and guarantees virtuous, ecological and eco-friendly quality standards.

Purchasing a product which is Eco Biocosmesi certified, you buy the guarantee both that the product has been properly controlled and then certified, and that the whole "life cycle" meets the criteria of ecological sustainability!

Last but not least, Sapone di un Tempo is also certified with "Vegan Attitude for Cosmetics" policy as Company which sets its creative and production process consistently with the vegan choice: we guarantee consumers an authentical vegan product.